FROM Secret Directive no. D-0010
"Some commanders, commanders and staffs
do not know how to substantiate the reasonableness of the decisions taken"

"Officers of the division–regiment–battalion link poorly know their duties"

"The personnel are insufficiently
trained in the possession of regular weapons and military equipment, has low special training. The task of eradicating incidents and crimes in the army and navy is practically not solved. The practice
of concealment of crimes and incidents, deliberate distortion of information about the death of people does not stop"

Head of the Department of the Military
and Security Service of the Military Service
of the General Staff of the Armed Forces
of the Russian Federation Lieutenant General
I consider it necessary to report that the problem of military discipline among service members who served as a part of the Joint Group of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation in the Chechen Republic <…> has been repeatedly studied by officers of the Ministry of Defense directly in the Chechen Republic. Its results show that tension and psychological fatigue in the military units of the group of forces continue to grow, and the morale
and combat state of the personnel is deteriorating.

The reasons behind it are insufficient work of officials on the moral and psychological support
of military activities, solving household issues, absence of decisive measures aming at instilling discipline and law enforcement.
International Federation for Human Rights (FIDH), Novaya Gazeta and the Memorial Human Rights Center have prepared a detailed investigation into the murder of Natalia Estemirova. You can read it here.
human rights activist, journalist and employee of the representative office of the Memorial Human Rights Center in Grozny. She was killed on July 15, 2009.
The authors of the report on Natalia Estemirova:

"Natasha started working at Memorial from the Second Chechen War, right after the strike on Grozny. Like many, she first lived in an apartment allocated by the authorities, with a hole in the wall from the discharge. Then she moved into an apartment building where there was no water and the elevator did not work. But she refused to leave Grozny. Here Natasha could personally meet with the applicants and travel to the places of human rights violations. She was engaged in literally everything — forced disappearances, falsifications of criminal cases, and indiscriminate bombing.

Many cases passed through Natasha, which then received legal development and reached the European Court of Human Rights. It was virtually impossible to stop her. Natasha violated all security rules in order to quickly gather information. For this we scolded her very much, but we loved and respected her very much. She was the heart and soul of the Human Rights Center."
SS-21 Scarab A
missile complex
The first model of high-precision weapons in the Soviet Union. Developed in the 60s. It is designed to defeat important targets in the depth of the enemy's defense – control points of various branches of the armed forces, communication centers, aircraft and helicopter parking lots, ammunition and fuel storages.The authorities officially announced the decommissioning of the complex in 2019. However, now it is being used in the war against Ukraine. Apparently, due to the lack of more modern and dangerous Iskanders.
GRAU index
NATO designation
the story
of a resident
of Aleppo
On September 25, 2016, Russian aircraft bombed the city with cluster bombs. When the first blow occurred, I took the camera and ran to the place. But there was such a tactic of the bombers: to drop a bomb, and when people run to the place of impact to help the wounded, the plane returns and strikes again.

Therefore, at a certain point, people began to be afraid to help. So I got wounded in the stomach after the second blow when the plane returned. Unfortunately, no one helped me, and I went to the hospital myself. When I was walking, I saw several adult men who could not move because of their injuries. When I came to the hospital, there were a lot of wounded people there, and those with the most severe injuries were taken to the hospital. I saw a girl about seven years old who was wounded in the chest area, and I saw how the doctor took her into the operating room, and then I don't remember anything, because I lost consciousness. I woke up already in the ward.
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